33% of Adults have Prediabetes.

80% Have never been Diagnosed1.

Keep you and your family healthy.

OEBB offers you a diabetes prevention benefit called VLM.


How OEBB’s Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) Works
Make small lifestyle changes that make a big difference with this year-long program, and these changes are proven to prevent diabetes. 

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What You Get
• Pedometer to track your daily steps
• Digital scale that automatically records your weight
• Personal health coach
• 16 weekly lessons and 8 monthly lessons
• 24/7 access to online tracking tools
• Safe environment where your identity remains private
• Technical support
Still not sure if VLM is right for you?
You must be an OEBB medical plan member with qualifying health conditions. For ages 18 and over only.
Track Your Food & Activity
Track your daily food intake and log your physical activity with simple tracking tools.
See how VLM has helped others.
Why Angela Joined VLM

“I was overweight, pre-diabetic and not feeling healthy at all, even though I was still pretty active. I felt I was headed toward multiple illnesses and generally unhappy with my weight.”

Why She Stuck With It

“In the beginning I thought: 'This is hard', but actually it is not. Joining the VLM program was a lifesaver for me, as I was exposed to a different lifestyle, healthier food choices, and more activities. ”

Her Results:

“I learned to adjust my daily food intake and lost 41 pounds. I am no longer pre-diabetic and feeling very good. I plan on continuing this path and hope to maintain this healthy weight.  

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See How Coach Jen Can Help You!

Meet Jen Matthews, Health Coach, M.A.

And see if you're at risk for diabetes. You can do something about it. 

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Questions? Call (844) 862-1697
Take Weekly Online Lessons
Learn techniques to overcome your barriers and build healthier habits that last.
Receive Coaching Support
Meet health goals with a Healthy Lifestyle Coach to motivate and keep you on track.